Choosing the right carpet can be a difficult task. What colors do you like? Does it go with the paint color? How about the furniture?

Another important aspect of choosing the right carpet is how the carpet will look after regular wear and tear. The three elements that determine that answer are color, pattern and material. For material there are a variety of options with a range of costs. That is a pretty broad topic so we will go more in depth on that point in a separate blog post.

For now let’s focus on color and pattern. The choice really depends on whether you are more concerned about specific spot stains or general dirt and oil.


dark-earth-toned-carpet-samplesDo you anticipate you will be trying to fight stains? Are you a pet lover concerned about accidents inside? Or do you entertain a lot and run the risk of spills on your carpet? If that describes you then you will want to get solid, darker earth tones with forgiving fibers. To learn about the different carpet fiber/material options check out our post on that here.


carpet-hide-dirt-dark-multicolored-fleckedPerhaps you are not as worried about a pet stain but you know you will be fighting dirt and oil buildup from kids and lots of traffic? In that case you should consider choosing a multicolored or flecked style carpet that will help to hide some of those high traffic areas better. You can save yourself a lot of heartache if you don’t see every small imperfection. Now, that doesn’t mean you can just skip carpet cleaning altogether. Of course, you knew we would say that!


Honestly though, there are so many reasons to get your carpet regularly cleaned by a professional. In addition to just making it look better, regular carpet cleaning helps your carpet to last longer (saving you money), is often necessary to maintain your carpet warranty (saving you money) and can help reduce things like allergies (saving you trips to the doctor…and money).


Now, some people, no matter how many advantages there are to a darker, earth toned carpet, will still insist on buying that beautiful, plush, cream-colored carpet. And it will look amazing…for a while. If your heart is set on a lighter carpet then there are some things you can do to help keep things as pristine as possible.

And then, when your best friend has one too many and accidentally spills that cup of red wine and your heart stops you can read about the 5 Simple Steps to Treat a Carpet Stain…or just give us a call and we will help you out. And we promise not to say “I told you so.” 🙂

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