You just got a carpet stain on your beautiful floor and are staring at it with a blank expression on your face. The kids spill a cup of juice on the carpet. Fido leaves a special “present” in the corner. Or you accidentally drop a plate of spaghetti face down…and now the panic sets in, “I’ve got a massive carpet stain! What do I do?!”

Don’t worry, we are going to get through this together!

The thing that will make this process a little simpler is if you put in a little bit of thought ahead of time and already have the necessary materials on hand. For a list of materials needed to treat a carpet stain and their specific uses you can read our post on Easy Carpet Maintenance.  For our simple stain removal process, you will need to have a trusted enzyme-based cleaner, a soft clean rag and a large clean towel on hand.

The 5 Steps to Treating a Carpet Stain

STEP #1 – Remove all liquids or solids sitting on top of the carpet

Pick up as much as you can, while being careful not to grind it deeper into the carpet. Try using a vacuum to lift straight up instead of further rubbing the substance into the carpet.

STEP #2 – Apply the cleaner

Begin by putting the cleaner onto a clean, lint-free rag. By applying the cleaner to your rag, you are avoiding adding excess moisture to your carpet and pad. As mentioned above, we recommend an enzyme-based cleaner. However, there are several DIY options available if you don’t have any on hand.

STEP #3 – Blot the carpet stain, don’t scrub

Approach the stain from the outside edge working your way in. Starting from the outside edge of your stain and then working in, will ensure that you do not spread the stain out while you are working on it. Make sure you do not scrub the carpet as that can damage the fibers as well as work the stain more deeply into the fibers.

STEP #4 – Soak it in

If you have a particularly difficult stain, you can leave your enzyme-based cleaner soaked rag on top of the stain for 12-24 hours before repeating Step #3.

STEP #5 – Pat it dry

Once the stain is gone, take a clean towel and pat the area to remove as much of the moisture as possible. Again, don’t rub as it can damage the carpet fibers. Just remove as much as you can and let it air dry.

If you have a stain that you cannot remove, call a professional as soon as possible.  The longer a stain sets, the harder it is to remove.  However, we are fully equipped to handle any stain you may have.