Over the life of your flooring there are hundreds of feet that will walk across it. And not all of them will be friendly. Rainy days. Soccer games. Birthday parties. All of these shoes will track in dirt, mud and provide extra wear and tear that will shorten the life of your carpet and potentially damage it.

Stop it Before it Starts

So, what’s the solution? Unless you’re a hippie you probably wear shoes when you go outside and they naturally just come back into the house when you come home. One of our recommendations is to make the interior of your home a no-shoe zone. Like any change, this one will take a bit of effort to get it to stick. But by strategically placing shoe racks at the front and back door, or taking advantage of a mud room/entryway, you can give you and your family the best chance of making it a success!

Cleaner Carpet + Compliment Your Decor

“But it doesn’t go with my decor!” We understand. You’ve spent countless hours getting your house to look just the way you want. And now having a big giant pile of shoes next to the door when you walk in isn’t really the style you are going for. Fortunately, there are a million different creative ways to integrate this into your existing space. Some people will create a built-in bench with a lid that opens for hiding shoes (and anything else you need to throw in there when you’re cleaning).

If you are not interested in spending the time and effort to do a custom built in then you might consider something like this streamlined shoe cabinet from Ikea (pictured here).

It mounts directly to the wall and is super thin at less than 1′ deep when it is closed. That means you can integrate it into almost any existing space!

It has racks inside for holding lots of shoes as well as a small drawer up top for hiding knick knacks, tiny toddler shoes, etc.

And if there’s not an Ikea around don’t worry, most major box stores carry something similar and they will usually ship to home…so there’s no excuse!

No Shoes and Regular Carpet Cleaning is a Winning Combination

Even without shoes your carpet, tile and wood will continue to receive natural wear so it is important to continue to get regular cleaning. But by implementing this no-shoe zone tip you can greatly extend the life of your carpet by many years and reduce your stress levels with this simple change.